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Welcome to the site

Welcome to barelyadraft.com. This is where I try to gather random things and opinions of interest to me and which may have interest to the people I know. It may also be completely irrelevant, as this sentence surely is!

On the site, you can find out what gift wishes I want you to give me. I want to make it explicitly clear that don’t even need to have a reason to give me one of these gifts. So go get your gift on and see what my wishes are here.

You can also explore my fitness progress here. It was the result of me stopping smoking on January 1st 2008, and I needed to have something else to do with my time now that I didn’t want to smoke. Fitness was a less obvious choice, but it has turned out to be very rewarding.

And most importantly, you can read a fraction of the random stuff I wonder about, find interesting or have just experienced and found interesting enough to write about in my blog.

Otherwise, just enjoy the site!