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Cheap tailor made work shirts online – are they worth the cost?

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You can get  tailor made shirts as low as €38 (270kr) online (e.g. at tailor4less) but the question is whether they are worth it. I’ve been so lucky to have been given a coupon for a free shirt from tailor4less provided I wrote about my experience – so here it is!


Ordering and design options

Ordering was painless and it’s definitely not what you should be afraid of when ordering. It was easy to navigate the menus on the site and choose the design options I wanted. Unfortunately, the tailor4less only shows an outline of the shirts you are designing, so you can not keep up visually with the how shirt will look (which can be a problem if one chooses the more advanced design options such as contrast threads and fabrics, colored buttonholes and seams. Here sites like tailorstore and youtailor easier as they show a mockup of the shirt as you design it (works great!).

Wrt. the design options, they are not so many you can tailor to your personal preference, but the most important (cuff, collar (though not so many options as other dealers), cuff style, back style, bottom cut, the number of pockets and embroidery of initials) are there.
Tailor4less, offers a really cool design option that I have not seen offered before – contrasting thread for the buttonhole and only having contrast threading and seams cufflinks button holes – very sexy (why I did not choose it on the shirt I ordered I don’t know, but maybe I go for this one to the next shirt)! If they also had  the option so you could do it in the bottom button on the front of the shirt I’d be in heaven!

Another thing that was make it easy to get start was that you have the opportunity to make a semi-tailored shirt by indicating your body shape based on some pictures as well as age, height and weight. It will not be quite as precise as when you measure directly  as I did, but it makes it easier to get started with getting your  first shirt (and takes no time at all!). I got my wife to measure me and it went quickly and painlessly (did I mention the fit is excellent).

Something I have not tried myself of, but which sounds are exceptionally tailor4less’s customer service. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the fit (note: YOU did the measurements yourself), you can can any tailor in your country to fix it and send the bill to tailor4less.com (max €35/piece though). Or you can send it back to tailor4less with a message about required changes and they will do the changes for free! Nice nice nice feature!

Delivery time is fantastic (mine came from China in around a week’s time compared the promised 2 weeks). Here tailorstore etc. could really learn something (I recall 4 or 8 weeks when ordering form them)!

Also a nice touch. The package was surrounded by a red ribbon when it arrived, giving a good first impression! It’s nice when there’s an eye for the small details, as you autoamatically think the attention to detail also relates to the shirt itself.

Shirt Quality

Unfortunately, trees grow not into the sky, and the quality is shirt fabricsc offered is not as good as I’m used to from custom shirts. Default fabrics are  single won 50ply. The comfort of two-ply yarn is higher and it’s a shame they do not offer it.

They do offer “luxury fabrics” in 80ply. Unfortunately 80ply (€12 extra) is not luxury, I think, and should be standard. Note that the rack-shirts from e.g. sumisura.com (which is the best rack-shirts are available) are two-ply cotton 120ply in Egypisk to approx. € 50) – Also, beware about what fabric you order as  if you do not look around on tailor4less so you end up with a fabric that also contains polyester (avoid polyester shirts like the plague!).

The fit of the shirt I got is very good (though it is due to tailor4less or my wife’s measurement abilities will be uncertain, but I give the points to tailor4less), but because it is only in single won 50ply I fear for the fit after being washed a few times! However, I will enjoy wearing it until it happens (if it ever happens). So far it  f****** looks good! My wife said, unsolicited,  “you look thinner than usual” when I wore it the first time.

I’m a little sad that the monogram/initials I had sewn into the cuff is so prominent as it is. There should be an option where they match the thread with the shirt fabric so it’s more descreet.


All in all, this is a good alternative tailor4less.com my ongoing favorite for custom made shirts, tailorstore.dk. The shirts with tailor4less costs approx. half and fit very well, but fabrics are a little worse than other places (and worse, there are significantly fewer fabrics to choose from). Additionally, there are more design options at tailorstore or youtailor so custom fit your shirts or suits. It would be nice if tailor4less  had some better fabrics or  just more quality fabrics, but then the price would probably also hike upwards. But buying at tailor4less can easily be recommended I have to say!

Shirts from € 38 from tailor4less.com (mine cost € 50)

Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Them Tornadoes are crazy!

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Unbelievable, the devastation caused by Tornadoes in the US currently

seen at Joplin page on flickr

Brilliantly composed and so true!

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from Quotes « Bits Of Wisdom.

I have transitioned to the cloud

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I know I haven’t updated barelyadraft for a while, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about it and have quite a bit of unfinished posts that may or may not ever make it on the site. At any rate, I grew tired of the site being extremely slow due to my hosting provider that, while being very nice, didn’t deliver a fast or reliable service to suit what I needed to feel the site performed up to snuff. So I have taken the plunge and transtioned barelyadraft and my private site (in danish), sorenostergaard.com, to the cloud – more specifically to Amazon’s AWS. Dead simple procedure to set up and the performance increase has been incredible, while at the same time saving me lots of money, despite moving from a very low cost provider – fatcow.com.

Each site now has it’s own server to run on with full control of the linux box – beautiful!

Would I have gone on a date with you? (including a flow chart to my heart)

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Would I go on a date with you? No!

I might sound harsh, and you’re probably a wonderful person (no really, you are, I have heard many people say it independently of each other, and you are often singled out by the people I meet as the dream person they aspire to become, the end-all of good, decent, people, both beautiful and wise and yet still approachable, attentive and caring…), but I think my wife (yay for marriage btw!!) would find it very weird if I did that, so that’s not gonna happen.  No! forget it, please!

Now, what could be  interesting (somewhat maybe?  but not really right? – read the rest of this post anyway, have a chuckle), however, is whether I would have gone on a date with you if you had met me before I met my wife back in the day.

To see if I would have gone on a date with you (and who would be paying), please follow the simple flow chart you can see a glimpse of above, that I found in an old email, which was sent to me by the awesome guys at okcupid.com (apparently a project done by some summer interns last year or the year before). I have written about OkCupids awesome blog before (see posts where they are mentioned here)

You can see a PDF file of the full diagram by pointing and clicking here.

The British are a strange bunch

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Shot this little gem of a photograph when I visited Manchester last week. This is from the airport, where a lot of people were enjoying a pastry and an pint…at 10AM in the morning..WTF?

Mr. T Explains – a brilliant comic strip

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via Mr. T Explains : Savage Chickens – Cartoons on Sticky Notes by Doug Savage.

DSB public train transport ends ridiculous experiment

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The above was the headline of an email I got this morning and is currently my favorite email received in September. DSB public train system has for the last couple of month had TVs running in most their trains…WITH sound…. Yep, so going by train in the Copenhagen area meant that you were force-fed with news, cooking recipes and ads to pay for it all, with loud sound, with basically no way of avoiding it (unless you went into one of the quiet compartments).

Who the frek works in their marketing department? How did this pass internal approvals without someone stopping up and saying

“hey, don’t you think there will be a lot of people who will be annoyed that they can’t turn off noise and have a conversation, phone call, peace and quiet or listen to their own entertainment that we annoy?”

Apparently the executives at DSB all nodded and thought

“no, everyone travelling will want to see ads and food recipes and news – interrupted every 2-4 minutes by the speaker announcing arrival a new train station – EVERYTIME they travel and people will flock to use the trains”

*sigh*. It baffles me that this has gone through whatever internal review there is in DSB (which should probably be updated).

It is a typical however, and I often find (usually not around marketing people though) that people think a certain way of doing things is better for everyone (like having a TV running 24×7 as someone as DSB must have thought), which is a very dangerous approach as it will annoy the sh*t out of anyone who disagree.

Free advice: Step it up DSB and spend your time making the trains run without delays instead of experimenting with entertainment  – there is still room for improvement regarding “being on time”. I’ll give you a free insight to end this rant and reveal the single most desirable feature of public transport:

Getting from point A to point B, on time, with no distractions.

LG NAS N2B1/N2R1 review

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I recently bought myself a NAS (network attached storage) unit through an incredible offer offered to my sister from her place of work. Starting 2010, many Danes have to pay a “multimedia tax” if they are provided access by their employer to various multimedia e.g. phone, computer, internet access. Because of this, many companies are trying to make provide some cool multimedia to their employees so the employee maximizes the personal value of the multimedia tax they have to pay anyway (because a company paid phone or laptop are pretty common – at least in the type of jobs me and many of my friends hold) – it’s a very cheap way for the company to offer such fringe benefits.

Since my sister didn’t want to take advantage of the incredible offer, I wanted to! So for 113 DKK (~US$20) a month for 24 months, I got to choose a retail Windows7 Home Premium license, an Apple Airport Express (.N version), an Apple Magic Mouse and LG NAS N2B1 equipped with two 1TB drives (so 2TB of storage). Not bad ‘ey?

the LG NAS N2B1/N2R1

Actually it originally started because I wanted to buy the Xtreamer eTRAYz to complement my Xtreamer 2.5″ – my media player, Read the rest of this entry »